Cool down behind the wheel

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GETTING hot under the collar whilst behind the wheel has a detrimental effect on drivers as Woema noticed this week, especially as Summer and the end of the year pressure build up to boiling point. It is better to cool down than blow a gasket as this can affect your driving manners considerably.

As Windhoek’s day to day traffic becomes more congested, common courtesy towards the fellow driver on the street seems to have fallen by the wayside, resulting in an increased number of accidents as everyone chases the clock in a hectic frenzy.

Jumping robots, speeding through town, not allowing the right of way, chance taking, cutting in front of cars and not adhering to intersection protocol are just some of the many problems that the traffic department and law abiding motorists are faced with, when dealing with selfish drivers who don’t give a hoot about the consequences.

Often victims of accidents or town crashes are not the culprits, and wind up having to be towed away at a huge expense and deal with the hassle and inconvenience of being without wheels whilst the car is in for panel beating repairs.

With accidents occurring almost on a daily basis in and around the capital, there is only one common cure for this and that is to drive with care, buckle up and don’t let the heat of the moment turn you into a road monster. Driving a car is a serious business, and we all need to share the roads, so let us do so courteously.

With only three months to go before the festive season is upon us with everyone heading out on holiday, now is the time to start prepare your vehicles before the rush, and become road safety conscious to ensure that the Namibian roads do not become death traps.


By Donna Collins