Cop takes own life due to ‘marital problems’

Home Crime and Courts Cop takes own life due to ‘marital problems’

WINDHOEK – A senior member of the police’s public relations division, Chief Inspector Christopher Munyika, allegedly killed himself yesterday morning as a result of marital problems.

Munyika reportedly also tried to kill his wife but she survived the stomach gunshot injury.

The head of police public relations Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi informed New Era yesterday that “it’s suspected there may have been marital problems, which triggered the shooting”.

He added that investigations were continuing but could not provide more details.

Munyika and his wife were allegedly embroiled in a heated domestic argument before the shooting.

Munyika, who was stationed in Windhoek, reportedly shot himself with a police service pistol inside the yard of his house in Khomasdal’s Extension 27. He died at the scene.

Eyewitnesses heard a gunshot and saw Munyika’s wife running out of their house in search of help.

Munyika allegedly followed his wife out of the house before shooting himself inside the yard some metres from the house.

The shooting took place in the presence of the couple’s three minor children.

They were placed in the care of the police’s woman and child protection unit after the shooting.