Cop’s reinstatement order ‘bittersweet’

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Cop’s reinstatement order ‘bittersweet’

A northern police officer, who was dismissed from his job for an interview with a local media house, is unsure of his career with the Namibian police force.

Gerhard Amadhila Tshimweetheleni sued Namibian Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga and the home affairs ministry for unfairly dismissing him on 30 November 2020. 

Tshimweetheleni was relieved of his duties following a telephonic interview with a radio station, Eagle FM, on 8 June 2020. 

His interview was centred on Covid-19 regulations and how the police were treating ordinary citizens, compared to those who were in attendance at Swapo’s 60th birthday celebration. 

“All I did was defend the police’s name. But those above me saw it as I have brought the police’s name into disrepute, and my conduct was apparently disgraceful,” said Tshimweetheleni.

At the time of his dismissal, he was serving as a constable, stationed at Oshakati police station.

Tshimweetheleni, through his lawyer Norman Tjombe, reached a settlement agreement on 9 August.

According to the agreement, which has since been made a court order, Tshimweetheleni should be reinstated with immediate effect.

 The agreement further stipulates that he should be given back pay for the 20 months he was unemployed within 30 days.

The father of three, who was earning a salary of N$10 700, said it was tough for him and his family.

“Because I was dismissed from my work in an unfavourable manner, no one could hire me. I was merely at home, suffering,” said Tshimweetheleni. 

Tshimweetheleni is currently waiting to be called back to assume duty.

“I am happy that I am going back to work. But, I am not optimistic about my future. I do not think I will be ever recommended for promotion, as my reputation is damaged and it can never be repaired,” noted Tshimweetheleni.