Court withdraws murder case against Hoebeb

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Maria Amakali

Windhoek-A 20-year-old man accused of murder temporarily regained his freedom after the court provisionally withdrew its case against him.

Helmut Hoebeb, a Windhoek resident, was arrested by the police on July 3, 2016 and was facing a charge of murder for having allegedly taken the life of one Limbo Limbo on July 13, 2016.

According to the prosecutor Susan Nyatondo, the court had previously granted a final postponment of the case to allow for investigations into the matter to be finalized. Yet, at the next session it transpired that the forensic report and reconstruction of the crime scene had all not been done.

Nyatondo said all is out of the investigating officer’s hands. Since a last postponement has been given Nyatondo asked the court to withdraw the case against the accused until such time the outstanding matters have been finalized, a request the court granted.

The prosecution is alleging that Hoebeb on July 13, 2016 pulled out a knife with the direct intent of killing the victim Limbo.

The accused reportedly stabbed the deceased twice in the chest, causing the deceased to bleed severely, consequently leading to his death.

Hoebeb died from excessive bleeding which was a result of stab wounds. The reasons for Hoebeb’s actions on that fateful day in question were meant to be heard during the trial.

Hoebeb who has been out on bail of N$2,000 walked away a happy man after the court refunded him his bail.
Although it is a relief to Hoebeb that the court took the decision to withdraw the case against him, the magistrate Ndeshitila Shapumba however informed him that the court will reopen the case once investigations have been completed and he will be liable to stand trial.