Crack cocaine allegedly kills 4

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Crack cocaine allegedly kills 4

WALVIS BAY – Crack cocaine, currently circulating in Swakopmund, is causing havoc among drug users, as a fourth person died after smoking it in the last three weeks.

Police, however, remained tight-lipped, saying they are still conducting tests and cannot say if the deaths are indeed from the crack cocaine that is believed to be laced with something toxic.

Three people died about two weeks ago in Mondesa, while the fourth died on Monday.

Inspector Ileni Shapumba on Monday evening said the latest victim, identified as Donaven Haraseb (33), died in the Swakopmund State hospital after he and a male friend were found unconscious in the Mondesa gravesite.

“The male friend told police that he went to the cemetery to smoke Mandrax and found the deceased smoking crack cocaine, also known as rocks. He was also offered the drug by the deceased and smoked it. He, however, spaced out before he could finish smoking it,” Shapumba said yesterday.

According to him, the friend regained consciousness at the hospital.

Shapumba also indicated that a post-mortem would be conducted to determine the exact cause of death, adding that the incident is similar to that of three people who died at the beginning of this month in Mondesa.

During the first incident, two men and a woman died shortly after smoking what is now suspected to be laced crack cocaine.  

Crime investigations coordinator in the region Erastus Iikuyu at the time indicated that another person was also admitted to hospital in a critical condition.

“We don’t want to cause panic among the community; hence, we would rather not speculate at this stage, and we are currently also studying CCTV footage to find out what transpired,” Iikuyu said earlier.

Meanwhile, police on Monday warned drug dealers and users that their lives are at risk, as there is such danger being suspected.