Daring Kambonde turns farming passion into business

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Daring Kambonde turns  farming passion into business

Aina Kambonde is a daring part-time livestock farmer in the Otjozondjupa region.

Kambonde grew up around animals, and when her father bought a farm about 18 years ago, she would spend her school holidays on the farm, and that is when her love and passion for farming started.

After finishing high school, Kambonde pursued a degree in Animal Production at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. 

In 2013, Kambonde bought her first three cattle with her university refund money. 

Subsequently, Kambonde successfully applied for a livestock loan from Agribank.  

Currently, Kambonde owns 138 cattle, 148 goats and 150 sheep. 

 On character building, Kambonde said that as a woman, farming has given her the courage and confidence to stand tall and proud in her farming journey.

Narrating her challenges in farming, Kambonde stated: “I would say that my biggest challenges during my farming journey were losing 78 cattle during the drought period of 2019 and 2020. The other challenge was tick infestation during this year’s rainy season. Finding remedies was challenging, and it cost me a lot”.

Kambonde noted that her best experience in farming is when she sells her livestock and makes good money. 

“Farming is indeed a profitable business,” she said. 

Kambonde advised her fellow women and youth to pursue farming and understand there is no business without challenges. 

She further advised aspiring farmers to attend farmers’ training events or lectures, such as those hosted by Agribank and interact with farmers in their respective agribusinesses for insightful information. 

“If you do not have funding for your agribusiness, I advise you to approach Agribank. Lastly, be patient when it comes to farming and put in the effort because, at the end of the day, you will smile,” she advised.

– Agribank