Deloitte launch revised Best Company to Work For survey

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Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-Auditing firm Deloitte, which has been spearheading the Best Company to Work For (BCWF) survey, this week launched the 2017 BCWF revised survey under the theme ‘Maximising on Power of your people’.

The BCWF survey, which has been conducted annually by Deloitte since 2000, was introduced in Namibia in 2011 with about forty participating organisations to date.
While featuring the previous purpose of identifying different factors that may assist an organisation in optimally leading their only true competitive advantage, the revised survey pays particular attention to various human capital trends.

Among the trending human capital that human resources should give priority to are talent acquisition, that is the organisation should enter the intellectual employer, performance management and the augmented workforce.

The 2017 survey acknowledges the shift in the mindset of human capital, behaviour and actions required to lead, organise, motivate, manage and engage the 21st century workforce, to which organisations must adjust and play according to the new rules to become the best company to work for.

Speaking at the launch, Deloitte Namibia’s senior human resources manager, Retuura Balloti, highlighted ten global human capital trends but pointed to four as priorities for the Namibian workforce. These four trends are people analytics, talent acquisition, performance management and organisation of the future.

Balloti noted that in abiding to new rules in the 21st century workforce, the drastic change in and the evolution of technology should be recognised.

“In the 21st century workforce the gap between technology sophistication and business productivity continues to increase, therefore human resources in organisations should help close the gap between technology, individuals, businesses, and society,” Balloti said.

The redesigned survey is structured in such a way that organisations can prioritise trending issues within the organisation, by making the survey as participatory as possible to attain encompassing views of each employee while keeping confidentiality paramount.