DHPS Expo 2022

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DHPS  Expo 2022

The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) hosted the DHPS Expo 2022 on Saturday. 

It was a day with classroom doors wide open and a boisterous atmosphere, packed with in-depth information and lots of creative fun and games’ stalls. 

A school tour was offered for visitors to get an idea of the different departments of a German school abroad, and offered a glance behind the scenes of teaching. 

The focus of the DHPS school community was to offer a chance for personal interaction and social get-togethers.

Visitors – young and old – enjoyed creative game stands offered by the staff of the DHPS kindergarten, preschool, boarding school and the Child & Youth Centre, as well as the culinary delicacies from the school kitchen and a relaxed get-together. 

Those who could not make it to the DHPS Expo 2022 can get a virtual insight into the different departments, subjects and future events of DHPS via the social media channels (DHPS Windhoek on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). 

Founded in 1909, DHPS is an integrated German-Namibian school and German School Abroad with a dual system, which is supported by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Learners can acquire the Cambridge Certificate as well as the Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA). In the German stream, it offers the ‘Haupt- & Realschulabschluss’ secondary school qualification.

Besides the Cambridge certificate, learners of the English stream have the opportunity to acquire the German language certificate (DSD I and DSD II). 

The lingual diversity found at the student body and the council of the DHPS is almost unique. Starting from kindergarten up to Grade 12, the school teaches children with mother tongues like German, English, French, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo, Nama, Damara and Otjiherero. 

Besides a recognised high
academic educational standard, the DHPS offers a wide variety of extramural activities.