Die Laste Hond to batlle it out in Zimbabwe

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Die Laste Hond to batlle it out in Zimbabwe

As Stanley Mareka prepares to resuscitate the dance culture in the country this weekend, popular dancer Vincent Agies also known as Die Laste Hond will be battling it out at the Ultimate Battle Rivalskool Africa 2023 in Harare, Zimbabwe.

For the second consecutive year, the Battle Rivalskool Africa returns to the Zimbabwean capital which will include dance battles, shows, jam sessions and much more. Before jetting out Die Laste Hond told VIBEZ! he intends to make his mark and show the judges there what Namibia is made out of in terms of our dancing culture. 

It feels super good because I will go and represent our beloved brave land Namibia in Zimbabwe. I feel confident because it’s for the second time now and it’s not easy. To be recognised by outside countries and be invited, you should be very good in what you do, he said.

As technology slowly takes over, Agies has been making use of it to showcase his talents hence why they noticed him on social media and approached him. He said, “They just saw my work on social media and saw that I’m really good and took my number and then we started talking on WhatsApp that’s how they invited me.”

As many struggle with making their passion into a full-time career, Die Laste Hond is adamant about making it his full-time career and competing amongst the best. Sometimes it has been tough but as a dancer, it’s my passion and I love what I’m doing. I have been fighting for a long time to be recognised outside Namibia to show our people that dancers are also important so that dance as an art can be recognised in Namibia.

The Ultimate Battle Rivalskool Africa is open to all dancers, Zimbabweans or foreigners, men and women, practising freestyle, and improvisation. The minimum age required to participate is 12 years old.

On his part, the talented dancer says he is gonna put up something spectacular to wow the judges and not be intimidated by his opponents. I’m always ready and as for judges, I have some magical moves. As for my competition, I can’t tell because we differ but I can talk about myself as for me I know who I am and what I’m capable of, he ended.

On Saturday, pre selections will be done with one passage per dancer, one minute per dancer maximum and only eight dancers will be selected

For the TOP 32, it will be a one-on-one battle with two passages per dancer either Hip-Hop or Afro. Sixteen dancers will be selected for the final stages on Sunday.

– slunyangwe@nepc.com.na