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We live in a free and democratic country, one where the constitution is the supreme law, and a country where our commander in chief is elected by the people of the country. 

We live in a country where we are governed by people who in turn are governed by the laws of the country. 
Rules are not new, they have been around before we got our independence and have helped guide us into the free and independent country we are today.  
Today like the rest of the world we have found ourselves in a pandemic that has wreaked havoc on many nations and like most countries, rules and regulations have been put in place to protect people and curb the spread of this pandemic. 

The rules and regulations put in place have been put there to protect us rather than to hurt us because our leaders care. 
Rules and regulations are there for everyone’s safety, they are meant for the collective safety of the public and the general welfare of the nation as a whole. Next to social grants and pensions, this might have been the best thing our leaders have done for the country. Even though some are have been slightly disadvantaged by these regulations, they can at least rest knowing the problem is being tackled head-on.  
Not everyone will appreciate or welcome all decisions made by the leaders, as has been the case with the number of people who have been found contravening the lockdown regulations, which for many has turned out to be a rather stupid thing to do and has mostly worked out to their disadvantage, following rules can be difficult, but it is necessary!

As equal citizens, everyone has to follow and abide by the rules, even those that have made them. It should be understood that the punishment for everyone that contravenes these regulations should be applied equally and fairly to all, regardless of position or status. 
More important than following rules, we have to remember that these regulations were not only put in place to protect you individually but to also lessen the risk and burden of those that will come to your aid should one of us contract the virus, those on the frontline risking their lives daily to make sure that you and I can be treated and receive the best help in our time of need. Please stay safe and follow the necessary regulations. The frontline heroes will appreciate it and you will not become another statistic.  

•Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa
Email: olavi@euonymuspost.com