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There is one thing I am certain of the most, and that is that life will always go on, no matter how difficult or how bad it looks right now; it will always go on and time will heal all wounds – it eventually does.
Just don’t lose yourself during the storms and hardships; it might seem like there is no way out or no hope for the future, but stay true to yourself during those times – and more than ever, take care and love yourself the most. That’s when you need it the most, more than you will realise at the time.

Things will get better eventually; they will – and that I can promise you.
You are stronger than you give yourself credit for – you are; think of all the times you thought you were finished, times you thought you couldn’t go on or even the amount of times that people counted you out, yet you survived all that and made it to today – still the same person – just a little smarter, a little stronger and even a little more experienced. That’s who you are; that’s the person who you have

There is no point in lying and telling yourself that you will never have battles to fight anymore or that you will live out the rest of your days trouble-free. Unfortunately, that I can’t promise you; no one can – maybe only God can do that.
We indeed live in a very unforgiving world – a cold world where anything can happen at any time for absolutely no reason – a world where you will be provoked for no reason and be hated on for simply being yourself. That’s the world we live in and share with millions of people and other organisms. To say we can all live in peace and harmony is a dream I personally can’t buy into. I am yet to see or experience it.
What I do know is that whatever comes and happen will always have the potential to break you down or build you up; that just depends on how you take it. 

It all depends on you because there are those who thrive on others’ misery or when everyone around them is thriving; it’s just perspective.
The one thing we can always count on is that the sun will set and always rise the next day – no matter how bleak or bad your situation looks now, it will eventually get better and become part of a story that you share with people when you are ready. It will get better!

* Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa
Email: olavipopyeinawa@gmail.com