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Dispatched thoughts – The youth will still need help

Change is inevitable and at some point; it has to happen. 

Usually, some benefit more than others from change, but some are simply disadvantaged by such change. 

While change is mostly driven by the youth, it does not only affect them positively; it can and often does go sideways, and the youth need help to adapt to change. 

Some people say the youth can change the world. Others believe, rightly so, that the youth is the hope of the country. 

They have the wisdom of having experienced life and can learn from those experiences – but unlike most of the rest, they have the capability and will to gain knowledge through active learning. 

They have the knowledge in their minds and happiness in their hearts to do what they can do for themselves and others.

But life is not as straight as an arrow and those not in the know could face potentially irreparable harm. 

It is a story we all know too well – not everyone with potential sees that potential to realisation, especially if they are young. As much as the youth are future leaders or change drivers, they still need guidance and assistance to navigate the maze of life to make sure they can fulfil their potential.

With assistance, the youth can develop sufficient and productive habits. 

With the right kind of help, they can achieve whatever they want – and not just the simple things but those that will benefit everyone else. 

The young want many things to happen. To accomplish those, they need the presence of their parents. Their guidance and support are what is needed.

It is a fact that youth can be stronger having a positive mind and especially when united. 

If youth can be united, impossible things become possible. We can help each other; we should! Unity and cooperation are key to progress and success.

One of the things we have been told since we were kids was to keep doing our best. We got a lot of encouraging words from our loved ones and from the ones who believe in us. 

It is nice to feel their support. Through this, we got a lot of achievements, praise and honour. It is time to show what we have got as grown-ups.

With our talents and skills, we should bring out the best in us and use them to make a significant contribution to our society.


–  Olavi Popyeinawa

– Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

– Email: olavipopyeinawa@gmail.com