DJ Sky ropes in Teqla for his first single

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DJ Sky ropes in Teqla for his first single

After spinning the decks for almost 15 years, Yahongo Jackson, popularly known as DJ Sky, recently released his first single with talented songbird Teqla.

Sky told VIBEZ! the afro-house track titled ‘Take My Hand’ is a combination of elements which include a deep electronic touch to give a final deep house sound with a mild tempo and mellow fusion. 

“The song talks about a guy who loves his girl so much, but neglects or doesn’t pay much attention to little things that women like, such as date nights,” he explained. 

Sky said the difficult part for him was choosing which female vocalist would fit perfectly on the track. 

“I had two artists in mind, who were Teqla and Simmy from South Africa. It was a very difficult decision to make as both are very much talented artists with brilliant golden voices. I sat down in the studio alone, with the loud sound of the beat on repeat, until I picked up my phone and told Teqla I needed her golden voice on this song. Without hesitation, she popped up at the studio.” 

The veteran DJ has also established the Show Room, which has been mentoring upcoming DJs and creating a conducive environment for them in terms of mentoring and helping out with equipment. 

“The idea is to make it easy, especially for upcoming DJs, to operate smoothly and be able to compete at an international level. I believe a DJ can only achieve all of that if they have the correct equipment at their disposal. DJ equipment can be a bit expensive. So, I have established a Show Room with all the different types of DJ equipment I have collected during my career.”

Sky said while being behind the scenes, he is still heavily involved in the whole musical aspect of the industry at large, especially when it comes to helping and pushing the young talented upcoming DJs to achieve their full potential and shine at greater heights.

“I’m still in the studio making beats because I am planning on releasing my album not too far from now. I will also be concentrating on decorating my Show Room even more, and helping other DJs. I have a few collaborations with other local and international artists in the pipeline, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now.” 

On her part, Teqla said she has known Sky for a few years before they worked together on the track.

“So, when he decided to have his own song made and asked me to be on it, I was honestly honoured. When we got to the studio, I purposely included the word sky in the lyrics… hehe! I’m glad it turned out so well,” she told VIBEZ!

You can catch DJ Sky every Friday at Vivavso Lounge in Eros, and Sunday at The Prime.