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Doctor threatens to sue lawyer

An anaesthesiologist, who was involved in the surgery of the deceased wife of alleged killer Patrick Geingob, threatened to sue Geingob’s lawyer on Friday.

Geingob, a former teacher, is accused of fatally stabbing his wife 12 times.

Doctor Naomi van Wyk did not take it kindly when defence attorney Jermaine Muchali flat-out accused her of “overdosing” the deceased during the surgery to mend her horrific wounds. 

The doctor replied that such an accusation was “slanderous”, and that she would sue him.

Windhoek High Court Judge Herman January, who is presiding over the matter, was quick to put water on the flames, and assured the doctor that as an officer of the court, Muchali was obliged to put the instructions from his client to witnesses. 

The lawyer based his assumptions on the fact that the doctor was not informed by the casualty department’s medical personnel about the number of drugs already administered to the deceased before she was transferred to the theatre for the emergency operation to repair a gaping wound in her abdomen, which exposed her entrails.

The doctor was, however, adamant that none of the procedures carried out on the deceased were the cause of her ultimate demise. 

Van Wyk testified that the deceased had already lost a tremendous amount of blood, and suffered a lack of oxygen to her vital organs.

Geingob pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife, Merentha Geingos, on 13 April 2019. 

He claimed that she died because of medical negligence, and not from the 12 stab wounds he inflicted on her. 

The accused added that his wife was in a stable condition when she arrived at the hospital. 

He is facing charges of murder, read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act and defeating or obstructing the course of justice, one count of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, as well as one count of common assault.

He pleaded not guilty on the first two charges because of a diagnosis that he apparently suffered from major depression syndrome during the incident. 

With regards to the assault charges, he pleaded not guilty due to the vagueness of the dates of the alleged incidents, he will not provide a plea explanation, and he will remain silent.

The 39-year-old Geingob had, through his lawyer, requested to have the Directorate of Legal Aid pay for a private mental assessment. 

The former educator is disputing the State’s mental report, which declared him fit to stand trial, and wants a private psychiatrist to assess his mental stability. 

The private psychiatrist has found that Geingob suffered from a mental defect when he butchered his wife.

The State is alleging that Geingob slapped his wife in 2011 with an open hand with the intent to cause her serious bodily harm. 

He is also accused of slapping Ragel Boois in the face. 

It is further alleged that he killed his wife in the kitchen of their marital home in Okuryangava by stabbing her with a knife 12 times in front of their children. 

Geingos died on 14 April 2019 at the Windhoek Central Hospital, where she succumbed to injuries a few hours after surgery. 

During Geingob’s failed bail hearing, the court was informed that he arrived home late that night, and had an argument with Geingos, which resulted in him stabbing her. 

Court documents state that Geingos and their children were asleep on the night in question when Geingob arrived and loudly demanded entrance into the residence. 

Geingos opened the door, voiced her displeasure at his behaviour, and went to the bedroom. 

Geingob then allegedly went to the kitchen, armed himself with a knife, and attacked her. 

People who resided on the same erf managed to remove the knife from him, whereafter he went to a friend’s place to get rid of the clothes he was wearing, it is further alleged. 

Thereafter, Geingob handed himself over to the police, and has been since in custody. 

The matter was postponed to 26 February next year, and the accused remains in custody at the section for trial-awaiting inmates at the Windhoek Correctional Facility. 

State Advocate Seredine Jacobs is prosecuting. –