Domestic burns to death in hut

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A twenty-two-year-old female domestic worker Hileni Fillepus burnt to death last Saturday when the hut she was working in caught fire.

Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua of the Oshikoto police confirmed the death saying the cause of the blaze had not yet been established.

“The deceased was a domestic worker in the house where the incident occurred and she was alone,” said the deputy police commissioner.

Fillepus was originally from Onamungozi village in the Okankolo area.
Katjiua said a post-mortem would be conducted to establish the real cause of death.

A case of rape is being investigted at Ombundu village in the Onankali area after two girls aged nine and seven were allegedly raped by their cousin aged 17.

The Oshikoto police confirmed the case saying the incident occurred while the parents of the victims were at a cuca-shop.

The minors were alone whilst their parents were at the cuca-shop with no adult supervision.
The three children – including the suspect – normally stay at the same house, according to police reports.

The suspect has been identified and has since been arrested but was not yet arraigned.

Meanwhile, a separate case of rape is being investigated following an incident at Omupanda village in the Omuntele area where a 34-year-old man visited the alleged victim’s homestead. He allegedly had sexual intercourse with her without her consent.