Escaped lion attacks Zambezi man

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Escaped lion attacks Zambezi man

KATIMA MULILO – Residents of Katima Mulilo Rural constituency had a rude awakening with two lions. Escaped from the Chobe National Park, roaming around their villages, with one lion having now been killed after attacking a villager.

Environment ministry officials had no choice but to put it down. 

While officials were tracking the lions, the male lion attacked a villager, who sustained a broken arm and injuries on his thigh. He was immediately transported to the Katima Mulilo hospital for medical attention. 

Zambezi control warden Morgan Sai-Sai yesterday said it is suspected the two lions, a male and female, escaped from the Chobe National Park last week in search of water due to the drought situation in the region.

“It is suspected the lions came from Chobe National Park into Salambala conservancy near Ngoma. They were six and were there for a while in Salambala. Two of these lions broke out from the six and moved into Bukalo core area into Sinjabuka area. They are wandering without water due to cluster settlements of humans. It is difficult for them to move back. They are wandering around Sikunga conservancy near the Zambezi River,” he reported.

Sai Sai said the two lions were noticed drinking water on Sunday evening at a house in Sikunga. Since there were dogs at that house, they moved from Sikunga area into Lisikili and started moving into the Katima Mulilo Rural constituency.

While there, the lions killed two cattle around Imukusi area early Sunday morning.

“We need to move them passively and not harm them. The idea is to move them back to the Chobe National Park without harm. We can invite a biologist and vet to dart them so they can be moved safely. Communities should remain calm,” he cautioned before the lion was killed.

Sai Sai said farmers who lost their livestock should report such incidences to their traditional authorities or the ministry of environment to receive compensation for their losses.