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WINDHEOK – Anea Otto, a Grade One learner at St. Andrews Primary School, recently awarded top Grade One performer at the school, says she want to study hard and become a doctor or teacher. 

Otto who received certificates in all her subjects, and three trophies for her performance, says she has always been striving for success in everything she does. She is hardworking, curious and eager to learn, and most importantly well-behaved. 
She spends most of her time reading during break-time at school, at home and at the after-care centre where she goes for extra classes. Otto says she wants to help people who are sick or have health problems. She also want to teach, guide and nurture other learners to become better in life and be a role model to others. “I love and enjoy reading books because I learn a lot about different stories from them,” says Otto, adding that this improves her marks at school because she doesn’t struggle when her teacher is teaching or explaining things in class. 

Apart from reading, she loves doing Mathematics as a subject, helping other learners when they are struggling in class, watching television and playing with other children during the weekend.  Otto’s advice to others is reading a lot of books, learning to solve different problems, listening, asking questions when they don’t understand and respect for their teachers and parents at all times. The aim was to encourage and motivate all learners to excel in teaching and learning, to value education as an activity and show its importance to everyone involved, be the learners, teachers, parents and service providers. 

The prize-giving ceremony saw more than 100 leaners receiving awards. It was meant to celebrate success and allow parents and the public at large to share in the successes of their children.