Foundation brickmaking aims for mass housing

Home Business Foundation brickmaking aims for mass housing

By Obrein Simasiku

BUKALO – Foundations Construction and Brickmaking is targeting the next mass housing scheme in the Zambezi region for opportunities to provide bricks and other construction materials to companies working on the mass housing project.

One of the company’s owners, Samson Mulonga, said Foundations Construction and Brickmaking could not bid to provide building materials in the first round of the mass housing programme, as it lacked in-depth skills and knowledge. At that time it was still new in the industry, only having a year’s experience, which was not sufficient.

The company is located in Bukalo area some 40 kilometres outside Katima Mulilo.

Mulonga said, “Currently, we are providing bricks and building materials to the general local people in Bukalo. The company has grown over the last two years and now provides employment to seven permanent staff with extra five casual workers during the peak season.”

He further stated that the company’s success was made possible with support from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which provided a concrete mixer.

However, he noted a number of setbacks such as the skyrocketing cement prices and the cost of transporting cement and building materials from Katima Mulilo to Bukalo, as well as limited space to operate from, which is affecting business expansion. Mulonga also pointed out that one of their biggest challenges is that of workers leaving the company for greener pastures once they have gained experience.

He said these challenges are hampering the business’ mission and aims of providing cheap and affordable bricks and other construction materials while creating sustainable jobs and contributing to the development of the economy of the country.