Make use of free energy, says Megatech

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With the increase in electricity charges and load shedding in neighbouring countries solar power continues to come to the fore more and more. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that every day the sun generates enough energy to power every household in Namibia.

Pupkewitz MegaTech has noted that it now offers a range of solar products suitable for camping, general lighting, households and customised energy solutions for commercial businesses. Pupkewitz Megatech said it has partnered with the best suppliers in the market of solar products to ensure quality and effective solutions to its customers.

Although most people do not understand how a solar grid tied system works – certainly not the average person on the street – it is actually quite simple. The Grid Tied System, which is preferred in African markets and used for businesses and households alike, is made up of solar panels and inverters.

The solar panels soak up the ultra-violet rays from the sun and then via solar cables transport the sun’s energy to the inverter, fitted inside the house or business. In layman’s terms, the solar panel can be seen as the “man of the house”. It sits around and bakes in the sun, collecting energy.

The inverter can be seen as the “woman” or the brain of the house, which ensures that all elements work together in harmony. The inverter takes the energy coming from solar panels and converts it into useful electricity.
Inverters have a smart controller, which automatically determines when to use the solar-generated power or power supplied from the Nampower grid, hence the term grid tied.

The average payback is around four to five years, depending on the size of the solar system, after which it is free energy. Pupkewitz MegaTech can assist with calculating the return on investment. Monthly kilowatts used by households or business are used to determine the optimal system for their energy needs.

MegaTech offers a range of solutions, from basic 3KW peak systems all the way to the industrial-scale MW (MegaWatt) solar farms. In addition to solar power solutions Megatech offers an energy savings audit to identify opportunities to inprove the efficient use of energy.