Goodness Gang invades Food Lover’s market

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Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Food Lover’s Market yesterday officially introduced the Goodness Gang to Namibian consumers. The gang, which consists of a range of fruit and vegetable plushies, forms part of the company’s drive to promote healthy eating, particularly to children, in a fun and interactive way.

The members of the ‘gang’ are Olly Orange, Sally Strawberry, Benny Banana, Pumi Pea, Bongi Blueberry, Manny Mushroom, Betty Broccoli and Adam Apple.

The characters will be available at Food Lover’s Market at Maerua Mall, where besides encouraging healthy eating they will provide customers with stickers as incentives to claim free plushy characters.

The campaign actually commenced on June 12 and will run until November 12 this year. The last day to redeem Goodness Gang plushies will be on 26 November 2017. Customers, spending a minimum of N$50 in Food Lovers Market stores, earn one sticker.

A Goodness Gang plushie can be redeemed once the collector card has been filled with 70 stickers, but customers can also buy a character after collecting 30 stickers.

To reinforce the message of healthy eating and nutrition, the Goodness Gang mascots will be visiting various stores and schools over the next few months. Food Lover’s Market currently has five stores in Namibia, namely in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and three store in Windhoek.

According to managing director of Food Lover’s Market in Namibia Louis Peens, the success of the campaign will determine its longevity as it may be extended if it produces positive results.