Heavy storm wreaks havoc in Zambezi

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WINDHOEK – A heavy storm that hit Kongola Constituency in the Zambezi Region has left learners in the open as the tent which served as a classroom was totally destroyed by strong winds and heavy rains.

Although the heavy rains were well received by farmers in the area as they had experienced erratic rains since late last year, the strong winds and rains destroyed houses at several villages in the constituency.

In an interview with New Era yesterday, Kongola Constituency Councillor David Muluti confirmed that the heavy storm and rain caused havoc to infrastructure and also uprooted trees at some villages.

“There was a strong storm on Saturday around 16h00 which destroyed three houses. The roofs of these houses were blown off. A shop in Kongola was also damaged. One tent which used to be classroom at Kongola Combined School was totally destroyed,” Muluti noted.

Further, he said the learners are now being taught under a tree because of the tent being destroyed.
However, he said he would liaise with the Zambezi education directorate to avail another tent to accommodate the affected learners. 

Fortunately, the councillor said, no injuries were reported in both incidents.
According to him, despite the damages, the farmers in the area hailed the heavy rains.
He explained that most farmers have since the weekend started ploughing their fields. 
He added that although the rains came late, most livestock are still in good shape because the showers in November brought grass.

“It was very dry so now the farmers are at least happy. I urge farmers to plough more mahangu rather than maize. It’s too late to plough maize because of late rains. We normally plough maize around November. Therefore, they must make use of this opportunity to plough mahangu,” he encouraged farmers.

The weather forecast bureau predicted that as of February, March and April, there would be normal to average rainfall in Zambezi.

The Zambezi regional governor Lawrence Sampofu said farmers in the region fear that this year might bring another dry spell due to the sporadic rainfall being experienced.

“The main thing is that farmers are not quite sure if there is rain or not. They are afraid that it might be a dry spell again. But most farmers have ploughed and are still ploughing up to now,” he told New Era in an interview.
Sampofu is therefore appealing to farmers to make use of the opportunity when rains come to plough their fields with hard work and dedication to avoid food shortages.

He informed the nation that in Zambezi farmers are ready to plough their fields. Sampofu said the region received some rain at the end of November last year for a week and then it disappeared. 
“Some farmers have started ploughing. Some are still waiting for rain up to now. The rain is sporadic. You find when you drive to the villages, some farmers have ploughed while others have not started,” Sampofu said.