Helao Nafidi to get open market

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OSHIKANGO – Informal traders at Oshikango border post are demanding that Helao Nafidi Town Council provide them with appropriately designed open market infrastructures, with water and electricity connections as well as sufficient storage space for their merchandise.

Inga Iipinge, Chief Executive Officer of Helao Nafidi Town Council has said it has already secured land for an open market and it is simply waiting to start with the construction of the market.

The informal traders at the border post in Ohangwena Region, poured out their hearts to New Era this week, pointing out the absence of ablution facilities.

“During the day we pay N$3 to those that have water in order to use their toilets and when it get dark we go to the nearby bushes,” said Rosalia Kaseeta, one of the hawkers operating at Oshikango.

The absence of shelter has also forced patrons to the informal open market to spend little time at the market. “We are selling in the sun, we need open market, we are suffering, municipality must do something,” said Andreas Sarumbu.

Kaseeta said sometimes their customers are unable to do their shoping with time because of the baking sun.

Sarumbu said they are being chased around by the municipality when they are selling in the street but the municipality has failed to provide them with formal open market.

By Loide Jason