Illegal fuel trade on the rise

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ONGWEDIVA – The police in Oshana on Friday evening confiscated 32 containers of fuel believed to have been smuggled from Angola.
The fuel, which is valued at N$9 720, was allegedly found in a grey Toyota Ipsum which was abandoned on the roadside.
Police spokesperson in Oshana, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo said the vehicle was seized 5km to Ondangwa on the Ondangwa-Oshikango road.

“The driver abandoned the said motor vehicle and fled,” said Aiyambo.
Aiyambo said the police were tipped off about the vehicle, however, they could not arrest the suspect because he abandoned the vehicle before the police could get to him.

The car has been impounded by the police and investigation into the matter continues.
Ohangwena police chief, Commissioner Elizabeth Mukete-Sibolile, said cross-border crimes was once very rife in the region but said the frequency of smuggling fuel from Angola has increased significantly compared to other years.
“It is still happening,” said Mukete-Sibolile.

The fuel is smuggled through ungazetted points of entry along the Namibian-Angolan border.
Still in Oshana, a woman lost about N$10 000 when her card was swapped at an FNB ATM in Ondangwa on Saturday.
According to Aiyambo, the woman allegedly got distracted whilst withdrawing money and the fraudsters succeeded in getting her pin.

“They swapped her card and she was given a different card which doesn’t belong to her,” said Aiyambo.
Investigation into the matter continues.
Oshana police chief, Commissioner Rauha Amwele last week said robberies involving unknown suspects have become a concern and called on the public to be vigilant at all times.