Importance of Independence Day

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Namibia celebrates Independence Day on the 21st March every year. It is one of the most memorable days in Namibian history. It is on this day in the year 1990 that Namibia, which was known as South West Africa by the colonialists, got its independence from the racist colonial rule of the South African regime, under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 435, after a bitter and protracted armed liberation struggle and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and all who carried that heavy yoke. 

For over 100 years, Namibians suffered incredibly from brutal and inhuman sufferings at the hands of German and Afrikaner imperial and colonial forces. We remember the first genocide of the 20th century of the Herero/Nama people in 1904-1908 and the subsequent continued occupation of our land.
It was on this day, the 21st March 1990, that the First Republican President of Namibia unfurled our new national flag at the Independence Stadium in the capital city for the first time in our history and declared Namibia “ free at last”. 

Independence Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm around the country, to remember the sacrifices of our martyrs and everyone’s struggle for the country to attain freedom. This day is celebrated to remind ourselves of all the hardships, sacrifices and all-round support and contributions made by peace-loving nations around the globe for the common cause of our freedom, and to savour the victory. The importance of this day is for us to pay homage and tributes to our heroes and heroines for their sacrifices and for the well-being of the freedom of the nation. 

Moreover, the significance of this day is to keep us aware of the importance of freedom and how we should be proud of our country and its heritage so as to maintain peace, stability and the strong bonds of brotherhood. This undoubtedly would inspire our future generations to serve the nation and keep Namibia a proud nation – so that they may come to know and love the history of their motherland and to pass it on for prosperity. 

Our Independence Day is of great importance to all Namibians, as it is the day when we enjoy our cultural unity and differences and reignite our love and unity as one people. Namibians usually celebrate Independence Day with some strong feelings of love for the country – with a great sense of nationalism and patriotism. On this day, citizens echo with festive feelings and pride the diversity and unity of our people. We must therefore be there to hoist our National Flag and sing the AU and National Anthems. 

In closing, this is a day of patriotism and happiness, and rededication. Since attaining independence a lot has been achieved and development has taken place in many areas, but admittedly there is still much more to be done. But that is the course of development, for every goal cannot possibly be attained at once. It is our duty to live up to our expectations to fulfill our dreams of a developed and successful country in peace and harmony. Happy 30th Independence Celebration, Namibia!