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10 deaths, 67 road crashes in a week

2022-09-06  Victoria Kaapanda

10 deaths, 67 road crashes in a week

Ten people have been killed in road-related accidents, while a substantial 117 have been injured between 28 August and 4 September, official figures released this week have

According to Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund senior accident and injury prevention officer Abner Itumba, the country recorded 67 road crashes between the morning of 28 August and 4 September at 14h00. 

The recorded incidents do not include a horrific accident that took place on the Tsumeb-Oshivelo B1 road in the Oshikoto region on Sunday that claimed the lives of three people, including a police officer.  

According to the authorities, it is alleged that a grey Honda was heading to Tsumeb with four occupants, including a driver and collided head-on with a white truck, which was heading to Oshivelo causing the death of three occupants in the Honda. 

It is alleged that the Honda driver sustained injuries, while the truck driver did not sustain any injury.

Many of these accidents occurred in northern Namibia where many Namibians travelled for the traditional wedding season as well as the popular Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair, which ended last Thursday.

Last week, three people died in a horrific accident on the Tsumeb-Otavi road, which included a couple and their adopted son. 

The three died in the accident, which occurred nearly 26 kilometres from Tsumeb in the direction of Otavi. 

Another unrecorded accident that claimed lives, also took place over the weekend between Odibo and Oshikango. 

Itumba is thus urging all drivers to at all times abide by the rules of the road and ensure they do not operate a vehicle while under the influence of prohibited or controlled substances.

“Gross negligence and bad behaviour are among the daily causes of crashes amongst road users,” he said.

Itumba added that changing driver attitudes entail being extra careful on the roads and employing defensive driving.

“This means a driver has to constantly be aware of negligent and reckless drivers and always consider how to avoid a potential accident,” said Itumba.

He stated that the key is to always be patient on the roads.

Despite several preventive measures, the police consistently engage in campaigns aimed at educating and creating awareness about road accident prevention as well as the effects of alcohol and speeding, which remain the leading cause of accidents and fatalities. 

He indicated traffic laws and regulations are in place for the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike, hence, it is important to follow them. 







2022-09-06  Victoria Kaapanda

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