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Collaborate for better exposure

2022-12-02  Staff Reporter

Collaborate for better exposure

Denis Manuel


Many with knowledge of the music industry hail collaborations, saying it is a great way to combine music styles and expertise, and ultimately result in more album sales through different fanbases and audiences.

Rundu-born artists Escoh Yohighness and Seanblizzy had a similar philosophy when they recently decided to join forces on several projects.

The two solo musicians told VIBEZ! their collaboration was influenced by the time they spent together working on a December-kind-of-vibe song ‘Mbongo Mbwee’, released last year.

“We realised that our energy together is great, and when we are performing together, we make a good performance, always. We then came up with the idea of making a duo album together,” said Escoh Yohighness.

Escoh Yohighness specialises in the Afro-pop genre artist, while Seanblizzy is a House artist and music producer. 

In yet more partnerships, the duo also teamed up with prominent artists Top Cheri and Sunny Boy on a single titled ‘Bojana’, which means ‘Let’s enjoy’.

They are also working on another single with the duo Ethnix.

“The upcoming single we are about to drop with Ethnix is an Afro-pop song but it is love-related. It is a banger – to say. I can’t wait to release the song already – just busy with the visuals,” boasted Escoh Yohighness.

Queried about their experiences and lessons learned while working with artists who are not from their region, Escoh Yohighness said it was a nice experience since they are all flexible to work with, friendly and they are all a “vibe”.  “We have learned more from the artists, especially Page of Ethnix; he is one of the guys who shared with us their experience in the music industry that we can also learn from. Etjo – the other half of Ethnix – is the coolest lady; she’s so flexible and always smiling. Lastly, Sunny Boy, he is one of the funniest guys to work with, his energy is epic and he is so fast to lay on the beat. He will always give credit if you are doing the right thing. All in all, it was a great experience to work with all of them.”  The duo shared words of encouragement to fellow artists in the game, saying the Namibian music industry is not easy to break through.

“To get recognition in Namibia is hard, the industry itself has a lot of talented artists with good music. All you need to do is work hard in order to be known in some parts of the country. The industry is not easy at all but hard work is the only solution.” 

They alerted the Namibian people to watch out for this project, saying: “It’s going be one of the dopest albums in the industry as we are yet to collaborate with more artists in the industry”.

“Follow us on Instagram: Escoh_yohighness, Seanblizzy and see our work get some of our videos and music on YouTube.”  -

2022-12-02  Staff Reporter

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