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Cosmetics entrepreneur leverages local ingredients

2023-08-31  Max Heinrich

Cosmetics entrepreneur leverages local ingredients

ONGWEDIVA – Local entrepreneur and business owner Johanna Nghidinua became self-employed in 2018 when she decided to open up her local manufacturing business.

The business, which focuses on locally harvested ingredients, manufactures melon oil, melon cooking oil, goat milk soap, therapeutic oil and various cleaning detergents.

Zayon Manufacturing and Trading CC owner Nghidinua highlighted that she first started with cleaning products and perfumes – and eventually, she came up with the idea of expanding her business by researching on the benefits of fruit and goat milk.

“I thought of local fruits, especially lemons, and decided to research the benefits of their peels. I shared an idea with a friend about manufacturing my soap, and he advised me to use goat milk, as it had more benefits. Growing up, I had skin tags; my grandfather recommended a few local roots I could use to clear my skin – and after four days, my skin started itching and the tags started disappearing. I now use those roots as an ingredient in my soaps,” said Nghidinua.

With branches in Eenhana, Opuwo and the main branch and factory in Ongwediva, Nghidinua has created employment for 13 individuals.

Just like any other business owner, Nghidinua experienced a few bumps along the road to a successful business.

“One of the biggest challenges I face is from our local people. When they see products made in Namibia, they tend to judge and think the products have no quality – but in fact, my products are of good quality,” said Nghidinua.

She added that another challenge is the prices of the seeds by the farmers, as they are set too high.

“The prices tend to be very abnormal for something that is locally harvested. I use the Kalahari melon seeds to make most of my products, especially the cooking oil and glow body oil. I could decide to grow the melons myself but sharing business opportunities with others is the way forward,” said Nghidinua.

While buying the seeds, she decided to buy her own goats to produce the milk she needed for her products for quality assurance.

“My achievement is that many people are impressed with my products and always encourage me to continue manufacturing more local products,’’ said Nghidinua.

Nghidinua encouraged those who want to venture into locally made businesses to persevere.

2023-08-31  Max Heinrich

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