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Morgan’s Dial-a-Meal thrives amidst pandemic

2021-02-12  Aletta Shikololo

Morgan’s Dial-a-Meal thrives amidst pandemic

 Aletta Shikololo

The culinary industry was effectively brought to a halt by the lockdown. Since re-opening, there have been modest signs of recovery, but social distancing continues to limit progress – and the sector is typically hit hard by recessions.

Despite the challenges the industry might be facing, one of the emerging culinary services ‘Morgan’s Dial-a-Meal’ continues to thrive under pressure, developing methods to get the most work done in the least time but elegantly and seamlessly.

Although they were hard hit during the lockdown, the founder of this mobile traditional restaurant, Morgan Kashaakumwa said the food orders are still overwhelming.

“The pandemic has really affected our business but we soldier on hoping things will improve. We soldier on because our clients need us,” she said.

‘Morgan’s Dial-a-Meal’ provides popular traditional dishes via takeaway and delivery to diners throughout the movement control order period.

The service is also convenient for those who want to enjoy their regular orders or favourites at home.

They offer an array of choices, including marathon chickens, smileys, trotters, caterpillars, tripe, pap, and grilled fish.

To ensure the best taste, all dim sum is steamed piping hot only when ordered.

“My recipes are from my grandmother, so I rarely prepare my food inside. We prepare food outside by the fire traditionally, that’s how it is done. We also try to use fewer ingredients and spices. Apart from that, we prepare our food with love, knowing that our clients will appreciate the effort we put into it,” she further explained.

Who would have thought the restaurant that started selling two chickens per day could have grown to be selling numerous dishes per day.

“I started my business just alone, now I have hired three employees and we sell more smileys and trotters a day because they are one of our main meals in demand,” she mentioned.

Talking about her future goals, Kashaakumwa  aims to branch out to other parts of the country.

“We are planning to have branches in different towns (franchises). We aim to contribute greatly to employment in our country,” she said.


Culinary… Founder of Morgan’s Dial-a-Meal, Morgan Kashaakumwa.

Photo: Contributed

2021-02-12  Aletta Shikololo

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