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NamRA calls on public to declare import cars

2023-09-20  Maria Sheya

NamRA calls on public to declare import cars

The Namibia Revenue Agency has called on travellers and traders to adhere to customs and excise rules at all times.

NamRA spokesperson Yarukeekuro Ndorokaze said it is important for the public to make a requisite declaration upon leaving and entering the country in order to comply with the customs and excise requirements.

NamRA issued a statement after the Gobabis Magistrates’ Court ordered the forfeiture of two vehicles after the drivers failed to declare them at the borders.

In the first incident, the accused persons allegedly drove through the Trans-Kalahari Border Post without adhering to the mandatory customs declaration requirements by failing to engage customs officials on whether he was entering or leaving the country.

“Shortly after, a swift and resolute action was taken by members of the Namibian Police, resulting in a pursuit that culminated in the apprehension of the driver in Gobabis,” said Ndorokaze in a statement.

As a result, the court ordered the forfeiture of the vehicle and the accused was sentenced to two years imprisonment or N$8 000 fine.

In the second incident, the accused failed to declare at the border that they bought a Toyota Wish vehicle in South Africa. On Friday, the court also sentenced the accused to two years imprisonment or to pay a fine of N$8 000.

“NamRA underscores that the forfeiture of the vehicles as ordered by the court is a monumental step towards enforcing customs and excise laws whilst promoting enhanced compliance,” said Ndorokaze. 

2023-09-20  Maria Sheya

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