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NCCI dismisses 'divisive' elements

2022-03-14  Edgar Brandt

NCCI dismisses 'divisive' elements

The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) has lashed out at what it calls divisive elements in the local business community. This follows the recent establishment of the Namibia Local Business Association (Naloba), which has described itself as an independent, non-profit business organisation  and claims to have some 2 000 members.

In a statement issued late last week, NCCI chief executive officer Charity Mwiya said the chamber has been doing a lot, and should remain united. 

“Among those who are genuinely experiencing difficulties, there are also misguided individuals who are taking advantage of the suffering and desperation of the business community. While these are indeed difficult times that we are all facing, we must not allow these to come and divide us, take away hope and our aspirations. It is not always so much that we always publish what we are doing as a Chamber, both with government and stakeholders, for our businesses and our communities,” she stated.

Mwiya added that the NCCI, as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), echoes the views of the international body and supports global strides being made to ensure integrity, transparency and inclusion in the economy. 

She continued: “So, it is unfortunate that a small group of misguided individuals with self-serving agendas are hell-bent on tarnishing this solid reputation. It is equally concerning that at such a crucial time when working together is so important, we now must defend ourselves against others who would rather see the nation’s business community divided”.  

The NCCI boss added that it’s “proper for the chamber to address some of the false and misplaced allegations and destructive agendas advanced by some individuals and factions with seemingly hidden agendas, through the media”.

Meanwhile, during a recent media briefing, Naloba said it is advocating for fair competition between local and foreign-owned businesses. The association emphasised that it was not established to fight foreign investors, but wants them to venture into manufacturing to create jobs as well as into other sectors where Namibians do not operate. 

They also aim to advise government on economic and trade policy, and to localise, protect and promote the domestic economy.

Naloba has elected Erastus ‘Chicco’ Shapumba as its president, while lawyer Maria Amupolo is the legal adviser, Sacky Namuhuja the secretary general and Marius Nangolo the organisation’s spokesperson.

2022-03-14  Edgar Brandt

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