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New plan caters for low-income patients

2023-01-09  Loide Jason

New plan caters for low-income patients

A young medical doctor who believes that people from all walks of life should have access to quality and affordable healthcare has introduced a loyalty care programme for unemployed and low-income earners.

This will enable them to afford healthcare  at the Medicity Medical Practice at a minimum cost.

Dr Melago Mukwaso (34), said in an interview with New Era yesterday that after she completed her medical studies in South Africa in 2015, she noticed that most people want better healthcare, but can not afford it. She thus decided to step in with an affordable initiative.

Mukwaso, who is a director of a medical practice which opened in June 2021 at the peak of Covid-19, immediately joined the fight against the pandemic. 

“Whilst many practices turned away Covid-19 patients, we stepped in and opened our doors to help the country deal with the scourge of a devastating wave. This was through being the first in the country for a private practice drive-through testing initiative. We soon devised an aggressive treatment regiment that targeted and slowed down the virus in the host body, and hundreds of patients were able to beat the virus and recover,” she explained.

It is during this time that she witnessed how the pandemic impacted the lives and livelihoods of many Namibians.

“We observed that hundreds of Namibians, who either lost employment or had their financials negatively impacted, were now unable to afford good private healthcare. Many of those walked through our doors, and I saw how dismayed they would be to have so many limitations in terms of the services they could get, and pay for them in cash. As a healthcare practitioner, I deeply believe that people from all walks of life should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. It disturbed me a lot to witness this daily,” she noted. 

The Medicity Loyalty Care Programme allows people to access affordable but quality private healthcare. However, it can only be used at the Medicity Medical Practice (from as little as N$200 monthly).

The rates are categorised into three tiers, namely Premier VIP, VIP and Standard. 

For Premier VIP, a client will pay N$350 per month for the main beneficiary and N$190 per dependent for unlimited consultations and six minor procedures, and will not be charged administration fees.  

The VIP  plan costs the main beneficiary N$250, and the dependent N$150 for nine consultations, three follow-ups and three minor procedures per year. The standard category requires the main beneficiary to pay N$200 and N$150 for each dependent for the benefit of six consultations, a follow-up and a minor procedure, respectively. 

“I consider the Medicity Loyalty Care programme an innovative product aimed at lowering the cost of private healthcare for low-income groups,” she indicated.

She said after completing her studies in medicine at the University of Pretoria in 2015, she joined the healthcare industry as an intern medical officer for the State. Upon obtaining her medical licence, she worked briefly as a medical doctor at the Katutura Hospital before securing employment in the private sector. 

Mukwaso said despite her being fortunate to already have amassed vast experience and incredible skills in private practice, she had challenges to build a clientele base. 

“The amazing support and drive provided by my husband has been the ultimate force. He prefers to keep a low profile, so that’s all I can say about his incredible role for now. And although I look like a young doctor, my approach to healthcare doesn’t. I believe in putting the patient first from the very moment they walk through that door, and putting them on the path to recovery and restored complete wellness. I believe in and practice giving each patient maximum attention and focused dedication to help them get well. This takes time, skill and talent. You must know what you are doing, almost like your lungs ‘know’ oxygen. It is this that makes Medicity different, and it’s what keeps it growing. Our patients see our method and they love it, and they refer their friends and families,” she continued.

2023-01-09  Loide Jason

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