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New Rundu Chiefs leadership sets goals

2023-08-25  Staff Reporter

New Rundu Chiefs leadership sets goals

Rundu Chiefs Football Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was held on 19 August 2023 marked an important occasion as the club welcomed fresh leadership and outlined a dynamic direction for the upcoming season.

The AGM saw the club elect new leaders and address pivotal matters including financial reports, sports activities, and its potential transformation into a business entity with an innovative ownership model.

The newly elected members are chairman Aggrippa Kamho Haindongo, vice chairman Michael Madjiet Ch’mbunduh Naitetha, secretary Athanasius Katole Tollie Sikuso Katamba, marketing and business sales, Nghilifwa Haindongo and Vilho Kudumo Hamutenya, who is the sports and education officer.

Speaking about the proposed ownership model, Hafeni Nanyemba Katamba, a business expert, shared a comprehensive plan that allows members and supporters to co-own the club through share purchases. This innovative model is currently undergoing further consultation and refinement.

The AGM’s election process was overseen by independent electoral officers, including respected figures such as Patrick Mukoya and Daniel Namwira. The election process adhered to the club’s constitution, with paid-up members and supporters participating in nominations and voting. Notably, nine out of 10 positions were filled through unanimous election, underscoring a sense of solidarity within the club’s community.

Addressing the unexpected turn in the leadership nominations, Wencislaus Diafasa Fassie Kudumo, Rundu Chiefs Football Club’s PRO, noted that the spirit at the AGM was very conducive throughout, but acknowledged the challenges faced by the club and the smooth manner in which the election proceeded despite the adjustments.

The newly elected leadership is resolute in its ambition to propel the club into the Premier League next year. “Communication enhancements and cohesive teamwork are focal points to ensure efficient club operations and growth. Proper communication channels are key for all organisations or institutions. That will be our driving force and direction,” Kudumo added.

2023-08-25  Staff Reporter

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