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Otjimuhaka villagers now safe from crocodiles

2022-09-26  Staff Reporter

Otjimuhaka villagers now safe from crocodiles

Elizabeth Moses


OTJIMUHAKA – Residents of Otjimuhaka village in the Kunene region will no longer fall prey to crocodiles after Ondjongo Fishing and Product company installed a water pump cylinder in the river to enable the community to access water without having to step into the river.  

This intervention came after crocodile attacks along the river became a great concern recently, with the number of human and animal fatalities increasing rapidly.  Situated near the Namibia-Angola border along the Kunene River, Otjimuhaka village had been facing this challenge over the years. 

Ondjongo Fishing and Product company, a Namibian-owned fishing company, came to the rescue of the Otjimuhaka villagers by installing a water pump cylinder, coupled with a 10 000 litre water tank for storing filtered water from the river.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Junias Kazeundja, the managing director, indicated this project would steer the community to the height of all Namibians through access to clean potable water. 

Kazeundja also noted the N$80 000 project will lead to a sustainable conflict solution between humans and crocodiles. Speaking on behalf of the Kunene governor, the director of planning and development services in the Kunene Regional Council, Emmanuel Nafele noted access to potable water is among the key challenges the region has been experiencing since the colonial era.

 The governor encouraged and invited other companies and individuals to emulate the gesture by Ondjongo Fishing Company to bring about solutions to rural problems. The cylinder will be operating on the solar panel to pump water from the river through laid underground pipers down to the water tank, which is situated 500 metres from the river. This makes it safe for the community, as they will no longer need to get water straight from the river, thus risking their lives.

*Elizabeth Moses is an intern at Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Opuwo. 

2022-09-26  Staff Reporter

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