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Wage increases confirmed for two O&L subsidiaries …as Pick n Pay and Hangana employees get 6.5% raise

2022-08-12  Edgar Brandt

Wage increases confirmed for two O&L subsidiaries …as Pick n Pay and Hangana employees get 6.5% raise

The Ohlthaver and List Group this week concluded wage increase agreements with two of its subsidiaries, Pick n Pay Namibia and Hangana Seafood. Both subsidiaries signed one-year substantive agreements which will see bargaining unit employees receive a 6.5% increase on their basic salary packages as of 1 July 2022. 

The Pick n Pay agreement was signed with the Namibia Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU), and will also see applicable employees receiving a 6.5% increase on their transport allowance, which O&L said is in line with Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA) rates. Pick n Pay Namibia currently has 21
retail stores across the country and over 1700 employees, of whom more than 74% are within the bargaining unit. 

According to Pick n Pay Namibia managing director Graeme Mouton, the negotiation process was a true reflection of open and honest communication between the company and the union. He further stated that considering the increased strain placed on consumers and employees by increased food costs and increased inflation internationally, employees have remained hopeful in Pick n Pay’s ability to stay focused on its vision as a business. 

Said Mouton: “The past two years have not been easy, with lockdown hampering our ability to trade as normal. However, because we are part of a breakthrough organisation, we managed to restructure, ensuring that our employees retained their livelihoods.” 

He added that as leadership, it is of utmost importance to ensure the business continuously communicates and engages employees, ensuring that everyone
knows and understands the financial health of the business, and has opportunities to contribute towards improved productivity and service delivery. 

“We are both dependent on our customers and our employees. Without either, we cannot achieve our Vision 2025 of not just being sustainable, but a profitable business that benefits all. I want to commend every employee for their hard work and dedication towards achieving this. We can only do this together,” observed Mouton. 

NAFAU deputy general secretary Willem Absalom said employees and shop-stewards have made the negotiating process much easier in that they know
and understand the business’s performance in the current economic climate. 

“Considering that there are those who are currently unemployed, we should be grateful. Considering that there are those who have not received increases to the tune of 6.5%, we should be grateful. And we as NAFAU are grateful for companies such as O&L and Pick n Pay Namibia, who recognise their workforce and want the best for each person,” said Absalom. 

Meanwhile, Hangana Seafood signed their agreement with the Namibia Fishing Industry (NFI) and Fisherman Workers Union (FWU). This agreement will impact more than 1500 bargaining unit employees at the company. 

Hangana Seafood managing director Francois Olivier commended the NFI and FWU for a smooth negotiation process. 

Said Olivier: “The business recognises that Namibians have not been safeguarded from the global economic pressures arising from increased inflation and the cost of living as a consequence of the war in Eastern Europe that is impeding our recovery post-Covid.” 

President of the NFI and FWU, Daniel Imbili, acknowledged the Hangana team, the negotiating team of both parties, as well as employees for the manner in which they conducted the negotiations during such difficult times. 

Said Imbili: “There is no hidden agenda whatsoever in what NFI and Hangana have achieved here. I want to send a strong and encouraging word to our minister of fisheries that there are those who want to contribute, build a nation and wish to eliminate the unemployment of our Namibian nation, and for them (the Ministry) to look after those who are serious in this regard. To the entire workforce of Namibia, do not be misled by those who come with hidden agendas, but stare reality in the eye to build this beautiful country of ours, and not destroy it”.

2022-08-12  Edgar Brandt

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