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We support personal growth and advancement – Pack

2022-12-01  Staff Reporter

We support personal growth and advancement – Pack

Staff Reporter

Supporting individuals by helping them approach their business confidently and navigating challenging settings to realise their goals allows Namibia to reach its fullest potential.

This statement was shared by Bank Windhoek’s executive officer of marketing and corporate communication services Jacquiline Pack at a recent event hosted by the Katuka Mentorship Programme.

The gathering celebrated the successful completion of 2022 and the introduction of participants enrolled for 2023. 

“As we celebrate 40 years of business at Bank Windhoek this year, we also celebrate the many women in business initiatives whom we have sponsored over the years,” said Pack. 

Launched in 2001, the core objective of the Katuka Mentorship Programme is to create a platform for personal growth and advancement of leadership skills for participants to enhance their individual and institutional success.

“This is done through a tailor-made mentoring programme, designed to bring out the best for both mentors and mentees,” said the programme’s organiser Desèré Lundon-Muller.

“It is about matching a mentee and mentor with similar professional and personal interests in a supportive, sharing and learning environment. This helps young and ambitious women, entrepreneurs and businesswomen to reach their ultimate potential and live purpose-driven lives,” said Lundon-Muller.

Since its inception, the programme has produced significant results in the careers of the participating mentees.

To date, 459 entrepreneurs and businesswomen have completed the programme, and 26 mentors completed the programme in 2022, with about 53 mentors enrolled for the programme in 2023. They are as follows: 




2023 mentees

Alice Kamwanga, Anna Sheehama, Anna Maria Khumalo, Chelisa Munyama, Elizabeth Thopho, Tjirimejo Mbuende, Emmaliza Shimwaningi, Feni Namutenya, Helaria Shuudeni, Hendrina Haufiku, Ianthe De Jager, Jeanine Teega, Josephina Kanyeumbo, Kakazona Mberirua, Katrina Nangula Kapundja, Kimberley Heita, Kristofina Uushona, Loide Nangura Muhoka, Lovisa Nambambi, Magano Kambonde, Maria Anacletha Samahina, Martha Kanyemba, Mayvis Namases, Mersha Stephanus, Naemi Ekandjo, Paulina Ndahomenwa, Policia Stefanie Mostert and Richen Uamburu. 


2022 mentees

Selma Paulus, Bertha Mangundu, Etuhole Ingo, Leena Franscisco, Elizabeth Nakatana, Christine Aitana, Leokadia Shaanika, Agnes Yeboah, Jollanda Mbanze, Maria Shigweda, Hilma Kuutondokwa, Ella Kavita and Ksveria Hambabi. 

“On behalf of Namibian women, I want to express my sincere appreciation towards our main sponsor, Bank Windhoek, for their profound commitment towards the development of women in Namibia,” said Lundon-Muller.

In concluding remarks, Pack wished all the participants the best in their current and future careers and endeavours. 

The Katuka Mentorship Programme’s orientation training is scheduled for the first week of February 2023, with a second and third session in April and August 2023. 

2022-12-01  Staff Reporter

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