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WINDHOEK – A new workers’ union called Namibia Information and Communication Workers Union (NICWU) has been formed specifically for journalist and other communication practitioners to unite, protect the rights and represent the interests of workers in the information and communication industry.

Founded by Moses Kairimuti, popularly knows as DJ Mo, the union intends to “wage a struggle for the emancipation of the Namibian society and the betterment of the people’s social, political and economic lot.”
Kairumuti, a former radio and television presenter said that he saw the need to establish such a union to fight for the rights of journalists, whilst working at the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW, but after a thorough consultative exercise broadened it to cater for everyone in the information and communication industry.
“We are planning to confirm an interim structure on the 18th of October 2014,” he said, adding that the positions to be confirmed would be for president, vice-president, secretary-general, and vice-secretary general, among others. The objective of NICWU is to unite all Information and communication workers “into a non-racial trade union that will seek to channel all the demands of its members and the community at large to the relevant structures.
The union further aims to heighten the sense of national awareness and identity and encourage members to become involved in the educational, political, economic and social development of the Namibian society.
Other objectives include being part and parcel of nation-building and reconstruction of our country and to promote links with the progressive forces in Namibia such as labour and similar movements here and abroad; to act as the mouthpiece of Information and communication workers in Namibia and to seek to protect the genuine interests of its members.
The union also intends to foster closer cooperation including affiliation to, participation in, and receipt of financial support from other progressive organisations which share NICWU’s ideals both national and internationally.
According to the founder, the union wants to reach out to workers in print and electronic media, broadcasting, mobile telecommunication industry, information technology, advertising, printing and publishing, film and cinematography, audio/visual production, event management and allied industries.

Organisational Structure:
National Congress (NC)
This is the highest governing body. It is composed of delegates from all 14 regions, CEC, NEC and Branch office Bearers.
Central Executive Committee (CEC)
This body considers policy matters and other major issues. It is composed of delegates from NEC and Branch Office Bearers.
National Executive Committee (NEC)
Manage the affairs of the union as guided by policies and also to and from sub-committees. It is composed of the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, National Treasurer, Deputy National Treasurer, Secretary for Gender Affairs, Secretary for Marketing and Member’s Benefits, Secretary for Mobilisation and Training.

We challenge you, as a worker in the Information & Communication Industry, to join us as to further improve this young union and make it a sharper spear in the workers’ struggle. As a reader outside this industry, we stand ready to accept you as a friend that supports a noble goal, the improvement of the lives of workers now and beyond.