Inmate, drug smuggler busted at Oluno

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Nuusita Ashipala

ONGWEDIVA – The Oluno Correctional Facility has yet again successfully nabbed a drug supplier and an inmate for allegedly attempting to smuggle cannabis into the prison facility on Monday.

The 22-year-old inmate and 34-year-old supplier have been charged with possession of cannabis and are expected to make an appearance at the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court this week.

Assistant Commissioner, the officer in charge of the Oluno Correctional Facility Veikko Armas confirmed the arrest of the duo. According to Armas the facility was tipped off about a drug dealer who has been making drop-offs of drugs at the facility.
The drugs are allegedly dropped-off at various points along the facility fence so that they could be picked up by inmates designated to work at the facility’s piggery.

“Following the tip off, a sting operation was set up last Thursday and we successfully apprehended the supplier, just after dropping off the drugs,” said Armas.

Armas said once the messenger inmate collects the drugs, the inmate allegedly hides it in their genitals until such a time they can deliver the parcel to the ‘owner.’ 

The drugs are allegedly collected for another inmate who in turn supplies it to other inmates.

“There is an inmate with a cellphone which he uses to make contacts with suppliers outside. Once the supplier receives money for the consignment, arrangement is done for the consignment to be dropped-off,” said Armas.

Meanwhile, Armas said the cellphone will be confiscated from the alleged inmate in order to distract the syndicate.
Armas once again appeals to the public to refrain from aiding in smuggling of contrabands into the facility, stressing that the money for the suppliers is paid for by family and friends.

“You are taking us a step back in our efforts to reform and rehabilitate the inmates.  The public is quick to vindicate that we are not doing anything yet it is the same people who are smuggling contrabands into the facility. Let us work together, because we cannot do it alone.” Armas also used the opportunity to warn drug dealers that the facility has its eyes and ears on the ground and are working tirelessly to ensure that the facility is free from drugs.

Last month, a 34-year-old Corrections Officer was relieved from her duties after attempting to smuggle drugs into the facility.