Israel Iyambo drives off as this week’s Top Taxi winner

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WINDHOEK – “I still cannot believe my niece entered me in the Kosmos Top Taxi competition. She always said that I am one of the best and the safest drivers in Windhoek. With no traffic fines on my name one might say it is true,” said Israel Iyambo the latest weekly Top Taxi winner.

Like every Top Taxi Winner the 42-year old taxi driver received N$3000 in his Basic Blue account, courtesy of Standard Bank Namibia. With this savings account Iyambo enjoys the benefits of lower bank charges, a debit card, cell phone notification (MyUpdates) and as from March 31 he will also enjoy no cash deposit fees just like every Standard Bank customer.

With all these amazing banking benefits he is extremely exultant to be a Standard Bank client and is exceptionally proud to be associated with a Basic Blue account because of its convenience and mainly because it’s making possible for taxi drivers who are associated as low income earners to bank their hard earned money.

Not only did he receive N$3000 cash prize from Standard Bank Namibia, he was also awarded with E-MedRescue first aid kit. When asked how he is going to spend his money he responded excitedly: “I will spend it on my family because, they are the reason I am so conscious when driving and always striving do to what is right. This prize came at the right time when my kids need new clothing.”