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Jealously protect Swapo – Shaningwa

As Swapo turns 62 years today, secretary general Sophia Shaningwa has urged members to protect and treat the party as ‘an egg’ as it has become fragile and vulnerable due to divisions and infighting.

She said this at a rally held at the Swapo regional office in Oshakati over the weekend.

“I am still maintaining my words that divisions have cost our party previously, and we cannot afford to accommodate further divisions”, she added.

She stressed that the party is no longer ‘youthful’, and thus called on members to jealously protect it as they envision delivering it for the next century.

“We are called upon to take care of this party, and avoid inviting unnecessary floods. We must ensure that personal issues and fights are settled at the right platforms, and not by using the party as a boxing ring,” she urged.

As the party is also looking forward to the upcoming national policy conference towards the end of the year, Shaningwa prompted members to be united.

“If leaders are not pulling in the same direction, our party will be affected. We are all cautioned that should you attempt to destroy Swapo from within, by the time you are back, there will be no Swapo. That is how sensitive it is,” said the secretary general.

She also emphasised the importance of recruiting new members.

“If there are no new recruitments, there will be no party growth. Therefore, those new members who genuinely want to join Swapo should be recruited. In the Swapo house, there is enough space for everybody,” she observed.

Highlighting some of the party’s achievements during its 62 years of existence, Shaningwa said post-independence, Swapo was transformed from a liberation movement into a ruling party, running an inclusive government as well as implementing socio-economic developmental programmes.

“The Swapo-led government has over the years made notable progress to develop our country through policy initiatives and tangible developmental projects,” she noted, adding that the national development plans and election manifestos are some of the policy initiatives which culminated in tangible infrastructure.

Speaking at the same event, Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) district coordinator for Ondangwa, Paulus Nuyoma, said corrupt and greedy individuals within the party have led it into disputes and ruined its reputation.

“Let us all tackle all corruption activities together to retain trust in our party,” he stated.

Nuyoma further encouraged young people to ‘stick’ to the party.