Kapofi expresses concern over indisciplined instructors

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Kapofi expresses concern over indisciplined instructors

OKAHANDJA – Defence minister Frans Kapofi has voiced his dismay at recent incidents involving indiscipline among instructors responsible for training recruits.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony of 1 256 recruits at the Osona military base in the Otjozondjupa region last week, he underscored the importance of instructor selection to maintain the integrity of the training process.

“In congratulating our instructors for their commendable efforts, I cannot ignore the deeply concerning incidents that have allegedly transpired during the course of this training,” Kapofi said without going into detail. 

“We must ensure that those entrusted with the task of shaping our recruits exemplify the values we seek to instil. Instances of contrary behaviour among instructors are inexcusable and set a poor precedent.”

The minister praised the chief of the Defense Force, Martin Pinehas, for taking corrective measures to address the situation, emphasising the need to uphold the reputation of the Namibian Defence Force.

Turning his attention to the graduating recruits, Kapofi highlighted the pivotal role they will play in representing the nation during international missions, including those under the United Nations, African Union and Southern African Development Community (SADC). 

He stressed that their professional conduct and commitment are emblematic of the rigorous military training they have undergone.

“As you step into the role of defenders of the Republic of Namibia, I implore you, the newest generation of graduates, to uphold the principles of professionalism and unwavering dedication,” Kapofi said. 

He said the graduation ceremony marked not only the successful completion of training but also a renewed commitment to maintaining the highest standards of discipline, integrity and honour within the Namibian Defence Force.

Meanwhile, Pinehas urged the new soldiers to uphold their oath of duty unwaveringly. 

“When you go to your deployment unit, ensure that you stick to what you have been taught. Do not allow yourself to be dragged into politics. Remain professional soldiers,” he explained. 

Pinehas also emphasised the importance of prudent financial management, advising the soldiers not to spend their earnings on illicit activities.

Meanwhile, throughout the training, which encompassed three phases to enhance military knowledge and skills, seven recruits voluntarily withdrew.  The initial two phases concentrated on basic military training, while the third phase focused on specialised training in various fields.