Katima’s personality clashes must fall – NDP

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Katima’s personality clashes must fall – NDP

KATIMA MULILO – The Katima Mulilo Town Council cannot be turned into a fiefdom, where ego and personality clashes are the order of the day. 

This is according to the National Democratic Party (NDP) regional coordinator for Zambezi, Success Musialike, in reaction to political altercations between Katima
Mulilo mayor John Ntemwa and the party’s councillor Simasiku Mukendwa.

According to Musialike, personal vendettas should never overshadow professionalism and service delivery at the council. Part of the disagreement that ensued between the two politicians came after Mukendwa detonated a motion for a vote of no confidence against Ntemwa, alleging that he had lost trust and confidence in his ability to effectively lead the town.

The mayor came out swinging, saying the motion was unfounded and procedurally fraudulent.

He also said there was no bad blood between him and Mukendwa.

This altercation prompted Musialike to react, saying such conduct was unprofessional, and should stop with immediate effect. 

“It is disturbing to note that a democratically- elected party’s representative in a local authority in Namibia, is being subjected to treatment that fits no other description but that of a colonial regime where our people were discriminated against, based on baseless reasons among others being from a minority grouping, in this case is from a minority party of KMC. The disrespect he has suffered has reached the NDP offices and we are hereby calling for an immediate stop to this by either individual council members, or any council employee that might have been misled to believe that the council belongs to any political party rather than the public that have given them such privileges to serve them,” Musialike said on Friday.

He said it is uncalled for, and tantamount to putting the council in disrepute. 

The politician insisted that Katima Mulilo Town Council is contravening the Local Authorities Act 22 of 1992 article 18, sub-article 1 in its obligation to offer benefits to council members, which other members have been fully utilising. 

NDP further alleges their councillor is being discriminated against, as he does not benefit from transport benefits and communication devices.

According to Musialike, it is public knowledge that from the onset, Mukendwa was never welcomed by his fellow council members of Katima Mulilo town. 

“This is evident in the opposition to his swearing-in as councillor. But we are hereby informing all those that still harbour non-welcoming thoughts towards our councillor that honourable Mukendwa was appointed by NDP with the powers invested in us, as a party, to appoint councillors or any representative on any seating that was given to us by the public democratic vote,” he reacted.

The party expressed that Mukendwa’s presence simply irritates those who want to sweep the maladministration that lingers around the affairs of Katima Mulilo Town Council under the rug. 

“They are afraid of his political vigour, because with him in council, it has not been business as usual. Since he was sworn in, councillor Mukendwa has never travelled anywhere, despite his eagerness to serve the people. This is an act of sabotage on the efforts of the NDP to reach out to the masses when the NDP is fully entitled to council benefits. 

It’s the same councillors who are busy travelling from one place to another, yet do nothing for the people,” Musialike claimed.

This, the party feels, has not only limited their member’s ability to effectively represent the interests of his community, but has also undermined the democratic principles of transparency and accountability. 

Equally, NDP claims that Mukendwa is being neglected and ignored when it comes to decision-making.

Musialike alleges Mukendwa’s views on the council are never taken into consideration. 

As such, the party reminded the council that Mukendwa is a duly-elected representative member of the town council, who was elected to serve the Katima Mulilo residents and improve their livelihoods, as well as change the town’s image.