Katjiru: Supporters vital for growth

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Katjiru: Supporters vital for growth

Zebaldt Ngaruka 


African Stars Football Club has grown, and the supporters play a vital role in the team’s performance and success, the newly-elected African Stars Supporters’ Club (SC) chairperson Corry Katjiru has said.

He was given the role of heading the national executive committee members of the African Stars SC at the congress over the weekend. 

“We are one of the oldest clubs in the country with a strong fan base. In my tenure, I want the supporters to be recognised and honoured in their support for the Okaserandu,” he said.

He added that the supporters will be issued membership cards, and benefits will be outlined soon with regard to cardholders.

“I want them to feel respected as we establish branches countrywide so that we can identify our supporters and have databases as well,” stated the chairperson. 

Katjiri further said that generating funds for the team will also be one of the major tasks for the supporters’ club.

“We will be engaging supporters outside the country to bring them closer to the activities of the team,” he noted. The chairperson further said he would create avenues for the supporters to attend the team’s training sessions.

Katjiri will be deputised by Weich Mupya, while the financial responsibility of the supporters’ club is in the hands of treasurer Grace Kangueehi. 

Vetaruhe Kandorozu will assist Kangueehi as deputy treasurer.

Sieggie Veii-Mujoro was elected as the public relations officer, while Mcsean Makono was appointed as secretary. 

The trio of Gerson Tjirimuje, Aline Hamunjela and Isolda Uandara were elected as organisers for the supporters’ club.

Veteran politician and seasoned diplomat Dr Kaire Mbuende is the patron of the supporters’ club.

Mbuende, who is not new to Stars, said he would pledge to live up to the high expectation of being a patron of the team’s supporters’ club. 

“I will promote the club and provide advice or guidance whenever necessary,” he said.

The seasoned diplomat has been a supporter of the club since childhood, and served as Patron of Stars in the old dispensation. 

“I am delighted to renew my association with the club in this manner. There is something admirable about supporters of any team and Stars in particular. Supporters are important for the development and growth of the football club brand and the promotion of its products. 

“The professionalisation of Namibian football will require a strong support base, and the creation of a supporters’ club will ensure that support for the most popular sports code will not wane.

“We will build the club together, and ensure that Stars remain one of the best clubs in the country and eventually in Africa – from whose ranks a number of professionals will be recruited into the big leagues around the world,” he said. – zngaruka@yahoo.com