Kavango East conservancies gain

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NDIYONA – Several conservancies in the Kavango East Region that employ game guards or resource monitors received donations from a U.S. company earlier this week.

The donations consist of sleeping bags and  backpacks containing a torch, knife and a cap. The KYARAMCAN association will receive 27 sleeping bags and 27 backpacks and the remaining 20 backpacks and 20 sleeping bags will be divided between the Muduva Nyangana and George Mukoya conservancies to be used by resource monitors. The deputy director in the directorate of regional services and parks, Cletius Maketo, told the recipients that the donations should not be considered handouts or gifts, but as motivation and encouragement to serve and to work even harder. “The country (USA) from which the company that sponsored the gear hails has worked hard for them to be at the level where they are today, to enable them to be in a position to help you who are in need,” said Maketo.

“To ensure accountability and also as a backup for the ministry of environment these donations will be issued through vouchers to conservancies to certify that they have indeed received the donations as given out by REI (Recreation Equipment Inclusive) through NACSO, an umbrella body that offers support to conservancies in Namibia,” said Karel Ndumba, the chief warden of the Kavango East, Kavango West and Zambezi regions. The donations were handed over at the Gciriku tribal office by Ndiyona constituency councillor Hildegard Mangundu on behalf of the Kavango regional governor, Dr Samuel Mbambo earlier this week.


By John Muyamba