Kavango governors thank Recon for boreholes

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Kavango governors thank Recon for boreholes

John Muyamba

RUNDU – Recon Namibia received lavish praise as a development partner of the Kavango East region at the recent state of the region address by governor Bonifatius Wakudumo. “Recon Namibia, the people of the Kavango East Region are indebted to you,” Wakudumo noted.

The firm donated 13 boreholes to different rural communities in the region that previously had to walk long distances to fetch water. Recon Namibia is a local branch of ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil and gas company engaged in the exploration of oil and gas in Namibia and Botswana.

“Let me take this opportunity to applaud the development partners who continue to assist the region in various endeavours. In this instance, I want to single out ReconAfrica, a company that is busy exploring oil and gas in our region. This company has assisted us in the following sectors,’’ Wakudumo noted.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Recon Namibia has drilled boreholes at Tjova and Kayanga Teya in the Mukwe constituency, Twitwima and Ncorosha in Ndiyona constituency, Mutjimaumwe and Nyondo Teya in the Ndonga Linena constituency and at Tara-Tara in the Mashare constituency.

Other boreholes were drilled at Mayana, Mutweghombahe, Kawe, Makandina, Goñwa and Cumezao in the Rundu Rural constituency at a combined cost of N$5.6 million in the region. 

However, from the total boreholes drilled, two boreholes drilled in the Ndiyona constituency were unsuccessful due to mud and saline water.

Regarding the Covid-19 relief, the governor noted that while the country handled the Covid-19 crisis that swept the globe, Recon Namibia provided relief of N$7.5 million, focusing on vaccination drives in the hardest to rich areas in the region. 

“This included supporting mortuary services and oxygen provision at the hospitals,” he said. On education and training, the oil and gas exploration firm provided scholarships to five students, who are currently at universities, studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Funding for the first year is predicted to cost N$600 000. Meanwhile, Kavango West governor Sirkka Ausiku on Friday also announced that Recon Namibia supported the region with the drilling and installation of 10 boreholes in six constituencies. Besides the boreholes, the firm also awarded five bursaries to selected Kavango West students this year.