Four killed in car crash

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Three people died instantly when two vehicles they were travelling in collided on Saturday. The accident occurred at around 20h25 at the Ondangwa-Oshikango main road.

A fourth occupant died on Sunday at the Onandjokwe Hospital.

According to the Regional Commander of Oshana Region, Rauha Amwele, a Toyota Hilux collided with a Toyota Corolla. “Six people were transported to the Onandjokwe Hospital. The names and ages of the victims are unknown to the police and we are not sure if the next of kin have been informed yet,” Amwele said.

“We, however, discovered three identity documents on the deceased bodies, of which three people are in their early 40s,” Amwele said. A case of culpable homicide has since been opened.

Meanwhile, the police have also opened a case of reckless and negligent driving, following a car accident that occurred at 14h20 on Saturday. The accident took place on the Uulunga Wakolondo gravel road in Okatyali Constituency.

It is alleged that the driver lost control of his vehicle and it overturned, injuring three people, who were then transported to Onandjokwe Hospital.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2014 Namibia was ranked first in the world in terms of the number of road deaths per 100 000 people.

Even though Africa accounts for just 2 percent of registered vehicles, the continent is responsible for about 16 percent of global deaths on the road annual. Africa has around 12 percent of the world’s population.