Killer of pregnant woman sentenced

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Killer of pregnant woman sentenced

Windhoek High Court Judge Naomi Shivute last week sentenced a Rehoboth resident, convicted of killing his 18-year-old pregnant girlfriend, to an effective 28 years imprisonment.

Deon Boois (31) was convicted by judge Shivute on a charge of murder with direct intent, read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act. 

She found there is no doubt he murdered his girlfriend, Barbara Ganses, who was 15/16 weeks pregnant with his twin sons on 9 December 2012.

He pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial and claimed he found the dead on the floor of their room when he returned from visiting a friend.

Boois started weeping when he testified in mitigation of the sentence, and stated he felt guilty for killing the victim – and that he knew that one day he would be punished for what he did. 

He further testified he could not ask forgiveness from the victim’s mother, as he had a guilty conscience and could not face her. 

He, however, did ask forgiveness from the victim’s aunt and the court; he also asked for mercy. 

Judge Shivute said when she considered the sentence to be passed on to Boois, she took into consideration the fact that he showed contrition. 

According to her, the fact that he is a youthful first offender, aged 19 when he committed the offence and the fact that he showed remorse will count in his favour. 

However, she said, his actions were not that of a youthful offender, as he acted more like an ordinary villain. She further said that the court views crimes of murder committed in a domestic setting in a serious light. 

“These crimes are notoriously prevalent in the country,” the judge stressed, and continued: “The accused terminated a young life by subjecting the victim to a vicious and callous attack”.

She further said the victim had a minor child and was pregnant by the accused with twins.

According to the judge, the reasons for the horrific and cowardly attack on a defenceless pregnant woman are only known to the accused himself – and the court considers him a danger to society, who must be removed for a lengthy period. 

Boois pleaded not guilty to the charge and claimed he was not at home when the victim was stabbed at least 12 times with a knife, causing her to die on the scene from her injuries.

 He claimed he found her on the floor of the room they shared at his mother’s house when he returned from visiting a friend. 

She died from a fatal stab wound to the heart.