Land Rover Owners Namibia club kicks off with a bang

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The ‘Dunlop Kuiseb Challenge’ that took place on the last weekend of September went well with Land Rover owners in Namibia having a blast on farm Wasservallei in the Khomas Hochland around the Kuiseb River. The winner was a lady driver Gundula Perry who won the best driver of the extreme 4×4 trail drive. The trophy is a revolving trophy that would be up for grab each year.

Activities included a 4×4 trail drive for all and a more challenging extreme 4×4 trail drive for the more experienced drivers. Both trail drives offered an extensive opportunity to get to know ones vehicle and it’s capabilities in a safe and controlled environment. Yet despite all care, a couple of vehicles did experience technical ‘hick-ups’ due to the extreme driving conditions but with a combined effort, technical expertise and team spirit of all present, the vehicles were quickly restored back to driving conditions.

The event took place on the weekend of 25 to 27 September and was organised by the recently formed Land Rovers Owners Namibia club. Dunlop Tyres 2000 sponsored this event with approximately N$ 65 000.

At the kick-off of the trail drives, participants were briefed by the sponsor on tyres, right tyre types for certain environments and proper tyre maintainance. A panel of judges had been instituted to keep score of certain criteria such as correct display of event stickers, correct tyre pressure throughout the trail drives, originality of vehicle, best looking vehicle, team spirit and other standards.

By Staff Reporter