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Lioness on the prowl

Since its conception over 40 years ago in the Bronx (USA), hip-hop has indubitably become the number one pop culture among the youth around the world.

Alas, with the rise of the empire, the naysayers argue that the genre dubbed Namibian hip-hop is no longer ‘real hip-hop’.

Sharing her opinion on the hip-hop culture, Namibian queen of rap, Lioness, feels hip-hop in Africa is selective.

She told VIBEZ! that sometimes it “bangs”, then it gets overshadowed by another genre. 

“So, I will not say it’s not popping, because I know how the artists who are solely hip-hop are working hard to keep the genre prominent, but I would say it is a little overshadowed by other genres,” said Lioness, real name La-Toya Mwoombola.

Her words to other artists with a passion for hip-hop is to never be afraid to rap on different types of songs.

“That is how we keep on moving, progressing, and pushing the culture. I still see some super cool cats doing amazing work and coming out with new dope styles, which is amazing,” said the independent singer. Lioness added that artists such as late hip-hop giants, Kanibal, Catty Cat and many others, have set the bar high and it should be maintained.

“I would also like to encourage any female rappers out there not to stop, be consistent with your work, and put yourself in a safe environment. I have had a couple of messages from aspiring female rappers, and I just want to tell you to keep going. We are rooting for you and will keep supporting you guys.”



Besides being a wife and medical doctor, Lioness keeps on gifting us with her talents on and off the mic. 

She recently dropped her latest single called ‘Linyenga’, which means “move it” in Oshiwambo.

The sensuous Lioness is big on dance and said ‘Linyenga’ targets to keep fans on their feet and make them happier.

“I am a very happy person and I just wanted to be able to make a dance song which people can just enjoy, have fun with, party with and give them a first kick of the morning.” 

The song was recorded in her studio and produced by Chris Wayne, and features international superstar Folarin Falana, also known as Falz, from Nigeria.

She loved working with Falz, said the charismatic Lioness.

Explaining how the collaboration came about, she said she has been putting herself in places that are conducive to her brand and doing some networking. 

“So, I had pitched the song to his label and they loved it. He is very open and professional; he got the song back to me within two days.”

Lioness aims to penetrate the international market and mentioned that she has more international collaborations in the pipeline. However, as for now, she wants to push the ‘Namibian dream’ more.

The soft-spoken Lioness’ biggest goal is to perform at continental and international concerts. She has two albums out and a galore of singles. and urged her fans to be on the lookout for more amazing work as she aims to put Namibia on the map.