LPM wins big in //Kharas

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The Landless People’s Movement (LPM), which was taking part in its first regional council and local authority elections, has managed to unseat the ruling Swapo party in three constituencies in the //Kharas region. 

LPM, which had won the Keetmanshoop by-election in January this year, proved to be unstoppable in Berseba, Keetmanshoop Rural and Karasburg East, while Swapo retained Oranjemund, Karasburg West and !Nami#nus to complete the seven-seat regional council. LPM’s future and scenarios planning manager Antonio Stuurman said the party was proud of its performance in the just-ended elections. He was particularly delighted with the party’s showing in Keetmanshoop Urban. 
“This victory furthermore demonstrated residents need to start with a new beginning and develop Keetmanshoop Urban constituency,” he said. The LPM leader added the results obtained can furthermore be attributed to the fact that first time voters turned up in big numbers at polling stations. 

 “It is also a positive sign that the youth want to be actively involved in political affairs and the day-to-day running of Keetmanshoop town and the region as a whole,’’ he added. Stuurman, however, added election wins were not the ultimate aim for LPM as the party regards social progress and development as a priority.

 “Opportunities will now knock on the doors of our communities to improve their livelihood and develop towards prosperity after being excluded from it for the past 30 years,’’ he said. He said all candidates who will take up regional council and local authority seats will be subjected to sign performance agreements with LPM. 

“We will support them, give them key performance indicators, and evaluate their output accordingly.”
 Elizabeth Yon, one of the founding members of the political movement, said as a big supporter of LPM since its inception, she is overwhelmed and excited for the victory in Keetmanshoop. 

“I am specifically grateful for the community of the Krönlein residential area and our youth in general and it is my sincere hope and belief that these youngsters will now be empowered for their betterment,” she said. Yon also said for too long the youth were roaming the streets of Keetmanshoop with no hope for their future. She said they will now be provided with opportunities in terms of employment creation and skills development under an LPM-led Keetmanshoop Urban constituency and local authority. 
– sklukowski@nepc.com.na