Maerua Mall cinema to reopen in two months

Home Business Maerua Mall cinema to reopen in two months

By Edgar Brandt

WINDHOEK – The prolonged closure of the Ster Kinekor cinema in Windhoek’s Maerua Mall has a number of Windhoek residents quite disappointed. 

This week Ster Kinekor South Africa said the closed cinema will be reopened in about two months, once it has been upgraded to accommodate the relatively new digital technology that has now become a worldwide standard. 

Ster Kinekor, when contacted for comment on the closure of the cinema, accused a local company tasked with the management of the theatre of “stealing” funds that were earmarked for reinvestment in digitalization that most theatres in the world have undergone.  However, Ondero Entertainment, a subsidiary of Ondero Investment Holdings, which managed the Maerua Mall cinema until it closed, said the local company withdrew from the project as a purely business decision. 

“We were advised that it does not make business sense to have two Ster Kinekor cinemas in Windhoek. This is because to just break even that cinema needs between 200 000 and 250 000 customers annually,” said Ondero Entertainment.   

Windhoek residents are nevertheless not pleased with the closure. “I am very disappointed because that closed sign has been up for months. I even won movie tickets on NBC but I have no idea when this cinema will open again,” said Rosalia Simon. 

Alfeus Ileka is another displeased resident who said he “feels very bad because there is no entertainment. There is no going out to the cinema anymore. They should just open the cinema, or at least tell us what is going on.” 

Bwenjua Fachauo said that Windhoek lacks entertainment. “This used to be a platform for family and friends. Without a cinema there is a huge lack and there is no other cinema in Windhoek,” said Fachauo.

The Maerua Mall cinema complex, which has been closed since 2013, will soon face stiff competition from the Grove Mall in Kleine Kuppe, which will offer a new cinematic complex from Ster Kinekor boasting six theatres, including the latest in 3D technology.